Our Philosophy of Care

We have adopted “person centred care” as our principal approach to care provision. We seek to integrate this into all aspects of our operations, with the aim of building stronger relationships and understanding between residents, staff, relatives, friends and all of those who come into contact with residents. The concept of Person Centred Care is well established with the recognition that to enable residents to be happy and fulfilled, we need to understand their past and present relationships with others. It is not just the interaction with staff that is important but also their relationships with family members and other care professionals.

 Residents’ Life Histories

These are an excellent way to get to know the residents better. They empower residents to talk about their memories and give them a chance to contribute and feel involved. They are also beneficial to staff by helping them to understand the residents’ care needs from a much wider perspective. Where possible, the histories are compiled by friends and families and they ideally include testimonials by significant people in residents’ earlier lives.

Contact with wider family & friends

When residents move into care, it is often difficult for relationships with their wider family and friends to be maintained. In order to help them to keep in touch, our aim is to maintain contact details for all residents’ children and grandchildren. These can then be used for party invitations, regular family evenings and updates on residents’ social programmes.  Please check out our   Activities page.