Our Menus

Food is a major focus for us. We aim to provide appetising menus, whilst taking account of specific nutritional or other needs of our residents. We cater for the needs of all residents whether it be a requirement to provide energy dense menus providing high calories in small portions or perhaps the need to provide pureed meals for those with eating difficulties. In all cases food needs to look and taste good. Our own Cooks prepare traditional home cooked food and love to bake cakes and treats. Drinks and snacks are always available. We update our menus regularly on a seasonal basis.  We take into account residents preferences and feedback from surveys.

Typical Menu

Quiche croquette potatoes and vegetables or jacket potato Egg chips and peas or fish fingers Roast Chicken Dinner with all the trimmings or


Steak Pudding Mash and Veg Fish Chips and peas or egg Meat Pie with potatoes and veg Roast Pork with all the trimmings
Jelly and cream Coconut Sponge and Custard Ice Cream Rice Pudding Fruit and Custard Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream
Gala pie salad or a sandwich Hot beef sandwich and onions Soup and Sandwiches Spaghetti on Toast Corned Beef ash Pizza and wedges Cheeseburger
Victoria Sponge Doughnuts and cream Gateaux Fruit Cake Jelly and Cream Lemon Sponge Victoria Sponge